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Data Security

Your Data will be transmitted and stored on our servers, to which access is strictly limited. We have taken the appropriate technical and organizational precautions to ensure that only authorised persons can access these servers, and have taken particular precautions with regard to the protection of our technical environment (e.g. using Firewalls).

blockchainLAB endeavour to ensure that there are adequate levels of protection for your Data taking into account applicable legal and regulatory requirements, in particular those relating to banking information and data protection.

Linked Websites

On this website you may be offered automatic links to other sites that are not operated or monitored byblockchainLAB. Following links to any other websites shall be at your own risk.blockchainLAB do not endorse or accept any responsibility for their content nor for the policy they apply to the treatment of personal data.


By registering, you expressly confirm that, although you may have been invited byblockchainLAB (as organizer of financial events) you are soliciting Members. From the moment you connect on the platform, you accept to be contacted by the professionals present on the platform. Any selection you make in connection with the platform shall be made under your own exclusive and full responsibility and you fully discharge blockchainLAB of any liability in connection therewith.

As a Member of theblockchainLAB Community, you may interact with persons, who may be located in a country different from yours, and such persons may be restricted by applicable legislation to market or to offer to you certain services or products. You understand and agree that attendees may therefore refuse to make contact with you, or market or offer services to you based on their own assessment of their compliance duties with (cross-border) regulations applicable to them. blockchainLAB Community does not guarantee nor represent to you that you will have full and unlimited access to all other Members, and you acknowledge that you will have no recourse against blockchainLAB for any refusal of contact or limitation of contacts by any such other Members.

You acknowledge that blockchainLAB cannot (and do not) assess whether contacts (e.g. chats, calls, download of documentation, etc.) you may have with other Members may occur in violation of regulations applicable to other Members or yourself, and you acknowledge that blockchainLAB will not monitor contacts that you may have with other Members. You therefore accept and agree that blockchainLAB have no obligation to intervene in, or interrupt, such contacts you may have with other Members. Not with standing the foregoing, blockchainLAB will not tolerate actions or contacts which are contrary to applicable regulations and retain the right, on becoming aware of such actions or contacts, to take any appropriate action, including terminating immediately access to the Community to any persons involved in such actions or contacts, and revoke access privileges without notice and compensation.

As a Member, you acknowledge that you have to make your own assessments as to whether contacts, including request of meetings, offer of services or products you may propose to other Members, are in compliance with applicable regulations. You hereby agree to comply with such applicable regulations, and fully discharge blockchainLAB of any liability in connection therewith.

You acknowledge that you have to make your own assessments, with, as the case may be, the help of your own advisors, in connection with offers of services or products, including investment products, which may be advertised to you thanks to the Community. You understand that services or products advertised to you may not be appropriate or suitable to you and/or may even not be legal for you to purchase or subscribe, and/or may result, when accepted or subscribed by you, in various financial and legal risks and, possibly total losses. You acknowledge that blockchainLAB does not endorse nor recommend any of such products or services, and is not in any way advising you in connection with such offers of services or products, nor is holding themselves out in any way as your fiduciary in connection with such products or services. You fully discharge blockchainLAB of any liability in connection therewith.